Picking A Necklace For Your Wife

    Jewelry, especially necklaces and rings, is a gift every girl will love. A necklace is a wonderful idea, to give such a versatile present will make your wife swoon. Necklaces don’t just fill your accessory slot, they give your lover a chance to express their style and personality in a non-invasive, yet effective manner. So how do you pick the perfect diamond necklace that will make your lover drool? 

    Here’s a list of thoughts to be considered when purchasing your wife her necklace:


    You have a lot of options available when it comes to your necklace chain. Mariner, box, cable, curb, figaro, just to name a few. You will have to do research, not only on the Internet, but in real life as well. Pay attention to the necklaces she already has and wears often. Take a good, detailed mental picture, or even better – a real picture. Go to the mall and pay attention to the pieces that catch your wife’s eye. Take your time, as this may be a gift your love will treasure for the rest of your lives.

    Face Shape

    We need to determine your wife’s face shape. I have provided a picture above that I found, and the article provides some nice information on this subject. Essentially you want to ascertain her shape, then when you are in the jeweler, simply ask for suggestions for your wife’s face shape. There is also plenty of information available throughout the internet for those who prefer the solo approach.


    Yet another important, arguably the most important, factor in your necklace selection. You’re going to have to do more real life research for this. Pay attention to which style necklace she wears. I know I’ve never seen my wife with a 34″ chain so I would skip on that purchase.

    You need to consult the diagram and learn what each length can be called:

    14″ – 16″ – Choker
    18″ – Princess
    20″ – 24″ – Matinee
    30″ – Opera
    35″ – Ropes & Lariats

    My wife loves the shorter necklaces, like this Amazon Collections Gold Bar.

    Just pay attention to what she likes, and you should be fine.

    Picking Your Metal

    The final thing you need to decide for your wife would be the material, or rather metal, the necklace is made of. Once again you have quite a few options here, although you are likely deciding between silver and gold. Do your due diligence, find out what she likes. Does she have a large gold collection or is she usually wearing silver pieces? Once you figure that out you need to consider these points when deciding on you chain
    Gold is a surprisingly soft metal, and as such you should actually aim for 14kt, possibly 18kt, when buying a necklace. These will be stronger, however still gorgeous, thus lasting forever.
    Silver is a different story, however. You want pure Sterling Silver, Make sure your buying a solid product, do your research. This Alex Woo Sterling Blossom Necklace is a gorgeous high quality sterling silver necklace. In fact I may get that for my woman.

    In Conclusion

    It mostly is going to come down to how much research you can do on your significant other. Pay attention to what she likes, talk to the jeweler and see what suggestions they may offer. Remember that this gift will last a long time, so maybe consider gifting it with some Sterling Silver Cleaning Wipes.

    Good Luck!

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