Best Watches For 2019

    It’s almost that time again, time for a new year;  new styles, new clothes, and best of all – new watches. For those of us that don’t like to lose track of time, here are a few of my favorite watches in 2019.

    A Lange & Söhne – Triple Split

    A beautiful piece to start off the post. Complex design, inside and out, but it still manages to hold a less ‘busy’ look. I love the color scheme on this one.

    Not only is this a beautiful watch, but it has extra functionality as well. It can measure split times for seconds, minutes, and hours. Like I said, this watch is complex and beautiful. It deserves it’s place in the best watches for 2019.

    Price: 139.000 € –

    Casio G-Shock Rangeman Magma Ocean

    Everyone has a G-Shock right? It’s like having the unbreakable Nokia flip phones back in the day however Casio took this one to the next level, that’s for sure. This is my pick for best utility watch of 2019. This watch can withstand temperatures all the way down to -20C, which makes it an excellent watch for the mountain climber. It has Bluetooth and GPS for navigation and the ability to store 60 location points in its on-board memory. How they packed so many features into this powerful, yet tiny device boggles my mind.

    Price: $900 – Casio

    For the ladies

    Glashütte Original PanoMatic Luna

    Oh my this is a gorgeous watch. I love the dials, the colors, the moon, and most importantly the diamonds. That blue is so soothing, that is to say it feels like I’m looking at the clouds. Pristine handmade watch, however with handled with extreme precision, comes with a Louisiana Alligator Strap. 64 Diamonds perfectly placed around the face, although that’s not enough. Glashütte added 18 more diamonds around the dial. This will be my pick for Best Women’s Watch of 2019. A Gorgeous Timepiece. 

    Price: ~$20,000 – Glashuette

    IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Spitfire Bronze

    Here we have a beautiful bronze Pilot’s Watch. I love the engraving on the back, the clean look on the face, however the bronze it what makes this piece for me. Bronze oxidizes and it creates a totally different effect through wear then your old scratched up stainless steel watch. It’s a refreshing change, although it is getting more popular. This watch definitely all goes together well. I’m going to name this the Best Pilot’s Watch of 2019.

    Price: 6,800 CHF – IWC

    Laco RAD-AUX Limited Edition

    I love the Fallout series, and this watch is a beautiful homage. They executed the colors, the symbols and, above all, the textures perfectly. This piece is not endorsed by Bethesda however it is obvious where the inspiration comes from. The RAD-AUX gets my pick for Best Unique Watch of 2019. Only 143 of these beautiful timepieces will ever be made.  Starts shipping in March although Laco is taking pre-orders now.

    Price: $2,950 – Laco

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